Guy Lejeune

A graduate of the technical schools of the Air force, I have kept from these five years of military studies a pronounced and immoderate taste for freedom and independence. Forty years of service later, I measure fully, but without triumph, the path travelled. Finally, from the young conductor of works that I was to the entrepreneur I became, the same common denominator: the work!

The taste of a job well done, of a mission accomplished, but also of the 
of the satisfied customer.

This sincere impression of having been able to be useful, while not forgetting the collective... Those who will have taken part in the adventure: colleagues, partners. This is what I remember from all these years of travelling through France and its nuclear power plants.

Thirty-five years of pumps to revise, valves to be appraised, deadlines to be kept, schedules to be respected! Too happy and proud to have been able during all these years to participate and contribute to all these efforts!

Guy Lejeune, operational director Forteb

And today: FORTEB!

Last beautiful human adventure, last of Honour!
The project that lacked a single ambition: to link France to North Africa, Algeria in particular, with a simple idea: to facilitate commercial exchanges between our two countries, to help and train Algerian technicians in our working methods. A whole programme that is coming to life, thanks to the audacity, tenacity, investment and intelligence of three men, three executives, one of whom is an Algerian company director.

The one who thinks that Algeria is closed to the world does not know its people!

Passion for Work

As for me, sixty years past, always the same desire, the same passion, the same energy: thirst for work!

Retreat, did you say retreat?
Who said retirement...?

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